Javascript API Example

Feel free to play with the example below to see the JS API in action!


Financial Asset Example


Revisiting old work is always a great idea from a Tableau perspective. Polishing always helps you reflect on the new techniques you've aquired... and question everything you did before.

After the Iron Viz earlier in London this year, I found myself in awe at the design approach of the winner - Klaus Schulte. That's inspired a bit of a 'dark reflection' of all my work, and this is the first of those reimagined dark efforts.

The original, for reference, can still be found here. Let me know which one you prefer!

Interested to learn more?

The elements at the top of this page use Tableau's Javascript API to control aspects of the viz. I set myself a challenge to build this in to the embedded view and enjoyed how simple it was to get it working. Check out the Javascript API documentation here as well as a brief follow on example here. It's straightforward to get up and running in no time!